About Us

Why the name Budgies...what does it mean?

Well, the best way to explain is to tell you that Budgies definition according to the urban dictionary reads:

It is a condensed version of old scots playground taunt “Has your budgie died?”. Used to tease people who have outgrown their trousers or shrunk them in the wash, thus exposing their ankles. The trousers were like a flag at half mast (a sign of respect for the dead) hence the question. Popular in 1990s Glasgow schools.

Your trousers are pure budgied.
Has yer budgie died?
Here, check the nick of his budgies by the way.
He's boostin about way budgies like Michael Jackson.

Budgies opened its' doors on January 24th, 2011.  We want to provide our community with a green and inexpensive way to keep the kids dressed and up-to-date while they grow.  We are a small, family owned business.  We have children of our own, so we know as good as any parent the cost of keeping up with your growing kids!  We hand select only the best merchandise to bring to you.



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